Zoom Floral Facial Steam, Calendula Blend

Floral Facial Steam, Calendula Blend

$ 14.00

Add an all-natural luxurious boost to your skincare routine with a facial steam! Handcrafted with soothing calendula flowers, fragrant rose petals and calming lavender buds to create a beyond relaxing vibe for your beauty routine. 4oz jar contains facial steam, enough for 2-3 uses. 

Steam naturally helps to gently open your pores, allowing your skin to be soothed by the soothing properties of this botanical blend. This gorgeous, anti-inflammatory facial steam is also a great way to prep your skin for additional steps in your skincare routine, including clay masks.

Treat yourself to a relaxing facial steam with a boost of decadent Self Care after a long day! You deserve it!


How To Use: Pour half of the packet into a heat-safe bowl. Add boiling hot water with caution. Safely hold your face over the bowl, carefully allowing enough distance for the steam to hydrate your face for 5-10 minutes. For maximum hydration, safely drape a towel over your head and take breaks as needed.



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Floral Facial Steam, Calendula Blend

$ 14.00


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