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    Hi! I'm Krista, Founder of A Loyal Society. Let's connect to discuss how to get your own self care and wellness needs as a woman back at the top of your priority list these days!  

    Keeping your own wellness practice in check is so important in allowing you to show up as the best version of yourself for you and for your loved ones, especially during these challenging times managing  parenting, working, virtual schooling, running our households and just trying to juggle so many important aspects of our lives.

    In June, I’m introducing a new online live course for overwhelmed women and mothers who want to learn how to create space in their lives for their own sacred self care, renewal and reflection, so they can tap into their own unique power to navigate challenging times with resilience and grace.

    I’ll be opening up limited spots in my program,  "Stressed to #Blessed: Transform Your Lifestyle to Find Calm in the Chaos, Reconnect with Your Passions and Start Living A More Fulfilling Life".

    This online program will take place as 1 hour small group coaching sessions via Zoom for 4 weeks with a very limited number of other fabulous ladies who know exactly how you feel.

    During the 4 week online program, I will teach you my R.I.S.E. method to guide you through:

    • Getting clear on your vision of what a more fulfilling lifestyle looks like for you
    • Identifying and removing the barriers that are not supporting your vision
    • Setting up a consistent self care routine that works for you
    • Creating your new action plan, setting it into motion and keeping you accountable! 

    To schedule a free 20 minute discovery call to learn more about how the program can meet your immediate needs, start with the  "Choose Appointment" Section right below to select the time for our call and to complete your booking info.  Once you've completed your booking, you'll receive an email confirmation letting you know that we're all set!