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    Welcome to A Loyal Society! 

    A Loyal Society is a wellness brand that creates all-natural self care products, online group coaching support & digital guided meditations, while celebrating the amazing strength & wisdom of women and mothers. 


    I'm Krista and I'm the Founder of A Loyal Society. I develop all of the self-care products and content here on the site, in addition to creating of the guided meditation programs that you'll find on A Loyal Society. I live in NYC and am the highly caffeinated mama of an adorable and on the go toddler. I created A Loyal Society after becoming a new mom and am huge advocate for embracing the importance of self-care, especially for women of color.

    A Loyal Society supports the need for women to experience as much self care, support, encouragement, joy, laughter, courage-building, and wisdom-sharing as one desires. My brand mission is to ensure that we are all supported and heard in the conversations around wellness and self care. 

    As strong women leading dynamic lives, especially for those who are mothers, our own self care needs can oftentimes completely fall off of our lengthy to do lists.  A Loyal Society is here to encourage and support you on your wellness journey!

    My own journey to a life that incorporates wellness and self care went into full swing when I was expecting, as a new mama to be. During pregnancy, I was introduced to an affirmation recording that I used daily for my last 2 months to help prepare for a medicine-free delivery. This affirmation practice, along with weekly prenatal yoga, really helped me to grow stronger and to take time to make sure that my mind was in the right place for such a life-changing experience.

    Around the time that my son turned 6 weeks old, I realized that I had slowly gotten away from this affirmation and meditation practice during those early wild weeks as a new mom.  I decided to get back into meditating, even if only for a few minutes, when my son was napping. I developed a series of meditations that I would do every day to cultivate stillness and wisdom, get back in touch with my authentic self, and to nurture a positive mindset. From there, the idea for A Loyal Society and my first meditation program & relaxation candle line were born.

    Since then, I've been refining my craft, studying mindfulness, and working hard to create self-care content & all-natural wellness products for the large and vibrant community of amazing women, including so many absolutely awesome moms and moms-to-be, who are looking to make self-care, sustainability and mindfulness a bigger part of their lives.

    You are not alone in any of the powerful work that you do as a woman! My goal is to make this site a fantastic asset to you on your journey. A Loyal Society is here to support you as you blaze your self-care and wellness trail!