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Meet The Founder

Hi! I'm Krista and I'm the Founder of A Loyal Society. I create all of the gift boxes and self care relaxation products here that you'll find at A Loyal Society. I am the mama of an adorable and on the go preschooler. I’m a proud Howard University graduate and have enjoyed a 15+ year career in fashion & corporate retail.

My passion for the highest quality products, paired with an expert eye for small details along with a personalized touch make A Loyal Society products and gift sets a standout to support your self care.

My intention is to create inspiring relaxation gifts for you and those you love, with a sense of elegance.



Brand Story

A Loyal Society is a lifestyle wellness brand that creates modern, all-natural gift boxes, care packages and essentials centered around self care. A Loyal Society supports the need for all people experiencing as much self care, support, encouragement, joy, laughter and wisdom-sharing as one desires. Our brand mission is to ensure that we are all supported and heard in the conversations around self care and wellness. A Loyal Society is a Black-Owned and Woman-Owned Brand.


As we are all leading dynamic lives, especially those who are mothers & caregivers, our own self care needs can often fall off of our lengthy to-do list! At A Loyal Society, we understand the desire to  uplift yourself and to also support loved ones who may be experiencing this with a special and personal touch through beautifully packaged and thoughtful gifts. We're here to support you and those you love on your self care and wellness journeys!





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